Top Tips For Decontamination

Top Tips For Decontamination


Since we launched Irony Iron Fallout Remover just a few months ago, it's been one of your most popular buys. Irony is an advanced iron fallout remover that safely dissolves iron particles embedded into the paint of your car. It’s safe to use on most exterior surfaces, including paintwork and wheels. Watch it change colour as it lifts the contaminates away. Decontamination is a huge part of the process of detailing a car, so here's a few top tips for getting the most from the product.  




Irony is ideal for eradicating brake dust on your wheels. If your wheels are caked in brake dust, your standard wheel cleaner might not cut it, but even if you simply spray-on and rinse off Irony, you'll notice it hard at work when the colour of your wheels starts to turn purple.


If you want the product to work that little bit harder, let it sit and dwell on your wheels for a minute or two, then once you see it start to change colour, agitate it with your brushes. Use a combination of soft brushes for the faces of your wheels, and a barrel brush to deep clean the inside.

You should now be left with some fully decontaminated wheels and a lovely milkshake-like foam on the wheels and ground. Use your pressure washer to rinse away all the product and stand back and admire your freshly detailed wheels.
Don't forget to use our Lasticho Tyre & Trim Dressing with applicator to dress your tyres, then stand back and admire how good your newly detailed wheels look. Great job!
Now let's move onto the bodywork of the car.  Unsure if your car has iron contamination? Simply spray Irony directly onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle. If your car is contaminated, you will immediately see a reaction, where the solution changes colour to red.
It's important that you use Irony for every decontamination detail.  If you're looking to polish and protect your vehicle, you want to achieve the best finish possible. Any contaminates in your paintwork prior to polishing/waxing, will diminish the finish. By including this process in your detail, you're safely removing more contamination from your car.
Spray the product on your car. If you have a white car you'll be in for a treat, as you may see it turn completely purple depending on the levels of fallout you have embedded in your paint.
Once you see that colour change, simple use your hose or pressure washer to blast away the product. Now you know that your paintwork is free from any harsh metals in your paint, ready so you can get the most from the polishing stage.
We always try to make our products with a pleasant fragrance. However, due to the nature of Irony, this one is a stinker. And we mean STINKER! Try not to inhale the product, but embrace the stench and love when you see it work. Enjoy!