Which Products For Beginners?


Learn how to remove emblems from your car.

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Which Products For Beginners?


If you're new to the world of detailing, you may be a little overwhelmed with the vast array of chemicals out there to clean your car. At Splash, we realised this and vow to never create more than one product for each particular job. Although each product has its own specific use, you may not necessarily need to use it to get you going. The more confident you become at the detailing process and the more thorough you want to become, you can always add these products at a later date.
Whether you're driving your first car or you've built a show-stopper, the products and process are the same.
So first things first, get yourself a couple of detailing buckets and a pressure washer and we'll tell you all about the rest.   




When it comes to detailing, always start with the dirtiest part of your car first. This is usually the wheels. As these are the dirtiest part of your car, it's great to start these first to avoid any contamination spreading to a freshly cleaned part of your car.

Why choose Ocean Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner?

1. Non-acidic formula for a safe wheel clean.
2. Quickly breaks down dirt and blasts away brake dust.
3. C
ontains a powerful blend of cleaning agents to break down contamination on contact.
4. Highly concentrated formula is super economical and can be diluted for cleaner wheels. 

Ocean Blast is an essential for beginners and professionals alike. Spray over the entire wheel and allow it 1-2mins to break down break dust and grime. Then, simply rinse off. if your wheels are really dirty, then you'll find that Ocean Blast has even more bite when agitated with a brush.


In the Spring and Summer you'll be getting acidic bug splatter all over your car and in the colder months it'll be dirty road grime and road salts. Don't under-estimate the power of using Zest Citrus Degreaser to help you with a safer wash. By using this product to help remove these nasties, you'll be making your paintwork cleaner before you physically have to touch it with your wash mitt. Thus, removing as much grime as we can to avoid rubbing it all around with the wash mitt and scratching your paintwork.

Why choose Zest Citrus Degreaser?

1. Quickly removes flies, traffic film and dirt.
2. Helps clean paintwork to avoid dragging dirt with your wash mitt, scratching your paint.
3. Gentle, yet effective formula won't remove your wax protection.
4. Safe for use on all exterior surfaces.


Using Zest Citrus Degreaser is super easy. Spray all over the car, starting with the dirtiest areas first. The specialist formula will break down the grime and lift it away from the surface. This will then allow the contaminants to be washed away safely, without creating any damage to your paint. Zest is a concentrated formula, so you're able to tackle the heaviest of Winter grime, but it's also gentle to any waxes or coatings already on your car.



With the pre-wash stage done, let's get on to using an essential product to not only clean your paintwork, but also add that stunning gloss you're looking for. Our Very Berry Gloss Shampoo is the ideal shampoo for someone looking to get that new-car shine from the get-go. We'll also be using our Wotsmitt Wash Mitt (not a 50p sponge from your local hardware store!). Using this premium wash mitt will help with the cleaning of your paintwork, but it'll also lift any remaining contaminates up into the fibres to avoid dragging them around your paint. 

Why choose Very Berry Gloss Shampoo?

1. Highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo.
2. Gently washes your car without removing any existing wax protection.
3. Contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnauba wax for that 'just-waxed' look.
4.Safe for vinyl wrapped cars.



Why choose Wotsmitt Wash Mitt?

1. Super soft to provide with an extremely safe wash.
2. Durable and long lasting thanks to the plush synthetic microfibre noodles.
3. Unbelievable softness whilst also replicating the deep pile of a lambswool mitt.


Why choose XL Drying Towel?

1. It's able to absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water, with ease, so you'll be done drying your car in no time at all.
2. With rounded corners and stitched edges, it means your paintwork is protected from being scratched.
3. The bigger, the better! At 90cm x 60cm, this is one of the biggest drying towels you can buy. You won't believe how much water it'll soak up!



Finally, leave those Egyptian cotton towels that your nan gave you in the closet. You want a proper car drying towel to safely dry up your car. Our XL Drying Towel is ideal for the job. Its huge proportions and drying capabilities make it an absolute beast for soaking up water.