Irony Iron Fallout Remover

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The Awesome Benefits

  • Safely dissolves iron contamination.
  • Safe to use on most exterior surfaces, including wheels.
  • Chemical reaction occurs, changing colour to let you know it's working.


Irony is an advanced iron fallout remover that safely dissolves iron particles embedded into surfaces. It’s safe to use on most exterior surfaces, including paintwork and wheels. Watch it change colour as it lifts the contaminates away.

Use Irony Iron Fallout Remover as part of your decontamination process. Don't be fooled that you need to use it every time you wash though. We recommend using it every 3-6 months on the body of your vehicle or can be used on extremely dirty wheels more frequently.

Why should you use it? If you're looking to polish and protect your vehicle, you want to achieve the best finish possible. Any contaminates in your paintwork prior to polishing/waxing, will diminish the finish. By including this process in your detail, you're safely removing more contamination from your car.

Unsure if your car has iron contamination? Simply spray Irony directly onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle. If your car is contaminated, you will immediately see a reaction, where the solution changes colour to red. 


*We recommend avoid spraying on brake discs and pads when using this product.