Exclusive: @miss_ka_mccord and her Cossie

Exclusive: @miss_ka_mccord and her Cossie

Earlier this month we managed to get some time with Katie McCord to talk cars, life and fun. Super easy to talk to, this lady knows cars and knows what she wants.  


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m a beautician by trade which is quite girly, but I just love driving fast cars, shooting my shotgun at the range, baking and cross fit. I’m a girl with  male-orientated hobbies but it doesn’t phase me to be honest.


Where did your interest in cars come from?

I was young when I lost my dad but I always remember he had Fords on our drive. My favourite being a white Escort XR3i. So when I turned 19 I bought myself this Mallard Green one with some money left for me in a trust fund. I’ve owned it for 16 years now!


Why an Escort Cosworth?

A friend had an Imperial Blue one with the reg plate A1 COS and I just fell in love. I thought the ultimate Cossie for me would be K15 COS. By chance this one came up for sale in Auto Trader, so I had to have it. I put a deposit on it without even seeing it, then a couple of days later I was officially the new owner and driving it away. People think it’s meant to say KISS COS, but I wanted it because to me it reads Katie’s Cos.


How does it make you feel driving such a cool car?

I just love the fact other people get so much enjoyment from seeing it. I’m not overly precious about it - it’s not a garage queen. I like to get it out and use it in all weathers! It brings a lot of pleasure and that really makes me happy.


What’s your greatest memory in the Cossie?

There are far too many. The day I bought it, I drove it straight to the Essex RS Owners Club meet which was great. Saturday nights down in Southend, just hanging out with friends, having a tea and doughnuts and seeing the diversity of cars are good memories too. Regardless of what people drove, there was just love and positivity from everyone.



What reaction do you get from others when they realise the Cossie is yours?

At a show one year, a woman approached it and was talking to me about how much she loved it. I told her to sit in it and enjoy it. She looked like she wanted to cry, she was so overwhelmed by it.  

Another time, my boyfriend at the time and I were walking back to the car, and he had the keys. A passer-by asked my boyfriend what it was like to own and he said “I don’t know, it’s hers” and passed me the keys. You should have seen the look on the guys face! He looked like I’d just ripped his balls off! (Big laughs from us and Katie)


What do you love most about your Cossie?

I love the flared rear arches! The curves on the car are just fantastic and the back of the car just looks amazing.


What’s next for the Cossie?

That’s top secret squirrel. It’s currently getting some work done which should be done in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to reveal the new look.
It’s going to look very different! (Boy we’re intrigued)


Where can we expect to see you and the Cossie next?

Ford Power Live on 20th September at Brands Hatch if it can be finished in time. Can’t wait to get back to the shows after Covid.


All the money in the world, what 3 cars would you go and buy tomorrow?

A full rally prepped Audi Quattro S1. That would be my number one, followed by a yellow Lancia Delta Integrale and finally a Ferrari F40. I love iconic and rare cars, anything old.



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