Sofia's Story

Sofia's Story

With it being International Women's Day earlier this week, we wanted to bring you the story of our Sales & Marketing Manager, Sofia. Sofia has been instrumental in shaping the Splash Detailing brand from its conception. We handed over the Splash Instagram account to Sofia and let you lovely lot ask her anything... well, anything within reason :-) We've put together just some of the questions and answers below. So have a read below about Sofia's Story.

What made you want to start a car detailing brand?

"John has always been crazy about cars and detailing and he's been in the industry for years. He saw a gap in the market to provide an exciting brand of detailing products for people regardless of the car they drive. You seen many other brands using hypercars in their photography - but that's not us, and it isn't 99% of people out there. My background is PR & comms, so I've always loved helping to build brands and campaigns."

What's your favourite Splash product and why?

"That's a tough one as I really love using the entire range. I was never in to taking care of my cars, but since we started Splash I've seen how good it can look with barely any effort from myself. Ultralust just gets the win for me though. For a detailing sprit's brilliant. You can see the gloss it adds instantly. I don't always have time to do a full detail, so if my Golf GT isn't dirty, I'll go over it with Ultralust to boost the gloss. I LOVE IT!"

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Are you planning to make a nice smelling scream wash?

"A scream wash!? haha. We've just released our new Clear View Glass Cleaner, which is brilliant! We love working with our chemist to create bespoke products and we truly believe you'll love and help make things easier for you when looking after your car. We have no plans to add a screen wash to the range. ;-)"

Are these products the same as others, just rebranded or what makes them different?

"Great question! We've worked very closely with our chemists to ensure that our entire range is bespoke. From the way each product works, its properties, colour, fragrance, everything. It's all under our guidance to make sure we're creating the best possible product for you. Our new glass cleaner for example took us close to a year to perfecter market." 

What made you decide on your branding?

"We wanted to create a bright and colourful brand with energy, because we're all about enjoyment when detailing. We didn't want to go down the same route as other brands using black bottles. We want you to see our colourful product. We want to be seen as inclusive for all people to just enjoy what you do, regardless of it you're in your first car or a hypercar. Just enjoy your hobby, and take no notice of haters."

Thank you all for reading Sofia's Story