How To: Ceramicoat Hybrid Spray Sealant

How To: Ceramicoat Hybrid Spray Sealant

Since we launched Ceramicoat to our range, it instantly became a hit with you all.

With good reason too. It's a revolutionary hybrid SiO2 spray coating that'll change the way you detail your car. Ceramic coatings gathered a lot of enthusiasm over the past 18 months, but the negative here is they're very time consuming, difficult to use and can be disastrous in the wrong hands. Ceramicoat is an easy, spray on, wash off product that'll make your life easier and your car protected for longer.

Step 1 - Wash up thoroughly

This stage is really important. We need to wash the car thoroughly to there's no grime at all left that Ceramicoat might seal anything in to its protective layer.

Step 2 - Remove shampoo
So now that the car has been washed, we need to make sure we remove all shampoo bubbles from the car with a pressure washer.

Step 3 - Leave car wet

With the car still wet, let's start applying Ceramicoat. Start from the top and work your way down. Work one panel at a time and don't feel like you need to spray on loads. 3-4 sprays on a rear boot lid will be plenty. We'll be spreading the product in our next step.

Step 4 - Rinse away


Now with Ceramicoat on one of your panels, we need to act quick. Get your pressure washer and spread the product. Our aim here is to remove Ceramicoat from your car. This might sound strange, but what we're doing here is spreading it on your panel to avoid missing any areas. When you start to rinse the product off your car, you'll start seeing a white residue. When you stop seeing this, you know you've removed the product from your car.


Step 5 - Apply anywhere!

The great thing about Ceramicoat is that it can be applied to all exterior surfaces. That means your wheels, glass, trims, anything! We don't however recommend using it on wrapped cars or matte finishes. As Ceramicoat has gloss enhancers in its formula it'll boost the gloss levels of your paintwork.


Step 5 - Dry up

With Ceramicoat now applied to your whole car and washed away, use the Splash Detailing XL Drying Towel to dry your car up as normal. It's perfect for the job. It's big and thick and perfect for soaking up water.


Step 5 - Instant awesomeness

Ceramicoat reacts straight away with the surface you apply it to, so you'll see it working instantly. It'll give you instant water beading and sheeting.


Step 5 - Top Tip - Dry application

If you have the time, wash and dry your car thoroughly to apply Ceramicoat dry. Apply Ceramicoat a panel at a time. Simply spray and buff it off straight away. What we're doing here is applying a very fine coating of Ceramicoat to give a better surface area for our wet coat of Ceramicoat to bond on to. This has been tested to give an extra 1 month of protection over just applying Ceramicoat wet.