Love&Hate - Tom's Max Power 106

Love&Hate - Tom's Max Power 106

Wow, what a flash back this is. If you’re from an era before bags and wheels became popular, then you’ll know exactly how cool this thing is.
The Max Power era of car modifying was huge. Custom bodykits, wild interiors, huge exhausts and insane audio builds.

We catch up with Tom @tom_mods_things who is building this abandoned Pug from the ground up, 17 years after it was cool. The Max Power era is officially back people!


5 things I love:

💚 Crazy colour flip wrap by Wrapping Masters.


💚 Pikachu Ultimate velocity rear wing.

💚 Rare old school Momo twins wheels.

💚 The fact I built it from the ground up after it was abandoned 17 years ago.


💚 The smiles it brings all those Max Power era people when I’m out driving it.



5 things I dislike:
❌ It’s incredibly uncomfortable.

❌ Doesn’t currently have AC.

❌ Won’t ever be driven during winter

❌ Hasn’t yet got the massive audio build in this rear.

❌ Is slower than your Nan’s Micra with all the fibreglass and filler!!


You can follow Tom’s build on Instagram @tom_mods_things Tom also has a crazy Porsche Cayman which we featured a couple of year sago in an edition of Detail’d - our free to download e-mag.