Love&Hate - Dave's Corsa VXR

Love&Hate - Dave's Corsa VXR

There's always space in my heart for a fast Vauxhall. Dave's little Corsa VXR is no exception. Dave spends his time at a lot of car shows and he's currently celebrating winning 'Best Detailed' Vauxhall by VX Enthusiasts at the Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod this year. Click here to find out which product Dave used to win 'Best Detailed' trophy Click Here

We catch up with Dave @yam_vxr who owns this gorgeous little pocket rocket to find out what he LOVES & HATES about it.


5 things I love:

💚 I absolutely love the colour of it

💚 The air suspension

💚 The seats in it are the best Vauxhall ever did

💚 The fact it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it



💚 I love the fact I won the car in a raffle lol.


5 things I dislike:

I hate the way people think it’s just a Vauxhall corsa

❌ T
he fact it’s hard to jack up cause of the VXR kit on it the jacking points are high up in the side skirts

❌ How much fuel it drinks but that may be my heavy right foot lol

❌ I h
ate that people think it should be on McDonald’s car park

❌ Not much boot space for a bit boot build



Don't forget to give Dave and his VXR a follow on Instagram and make sure you go and check it out at the shows this summer.