Love&Hate - Jamie's GT86

Love&Hate - Jamie's GT86

Let us introduce Jamie to you all. A couple of months ago, we opened up applications to join #TeamSplash and become one of our reps. We had hundreds of applications, but had to narrow it down to just 2 people. Jamie was one of the successful ones, and to be fair I'm sure you can all see why.

Here's Jamie's Love&Hate episode.



5 things I love:

💚 First thing would be owning a Toyota Gt86. I always wanted one since 2013, when I repaired one at work and had to test drive it. I fell in love with them.

💚 The second thing I love is the colour. All the cars I have owned and loved have been in red, but this one is by far the nicest.

💚 In third is the lambo door conversion. I have always wanted lambo doors, ever since the Max Power years and have now finally got a vehicle I could put them on.

💚 Fourth is my custom bonnet. Me and my workmates spent a good couple of days making this one-off custom bonnet.


💚 Fifth is the wheels. I've always liked Japracing wheels but always felt they needed to go on a Jap car. My GT86 suits them perfectly.


5 things I dislike:

I couldn’t really say dislike, but the car could do with a turbo to make it that bit quicker (all in good time 😉). It currently has around 200bhp, but I'd love to get it closer to 280bhp with a turbo.

❌ I think the car
needs to be bagged. Although I’m happy with its current height, there's still a few places I can’t go due to speed bumps. Having bags would just allow me raise and lower whenever i want.

❌ I honestly can't think of anything else that I dislike about the car. It's great to be able to be part of the Splash team now as I have a trusted brand with absolutely brilliant products to take car of my car throughout the year and when I go to the car shows.