Love&Hate - Laura's Scirocco

Love&Hate - Laura's Scirocco

We've got some awesome people and cars in our team, so we've decided to share some Team Splash content with you. Let's call it 'Love&Hate'. Appropriate, as it's Valentine's Day today (day of writing this).

In today's blog, we catch up with Laura - @rocco_monroe_

Laura owns this stunning VW Scirocco, finished in Viper Green. It's come a long way since we've known Laura. Mainly with the air ride and the repair after a little accident she had.

Anyway, let's get right to it and find out what Laura LOVES and HATES (hate is a strong word - let's say dislike instead).


5 things I love:

💚 The colour, green is my favourite colour and everyone always comments on it.


💚 The interior. It’s a very cosy car to sit in and drive... even though it’s over 10 years old it feels very modern to sit in.

💚 The front end, the facelift conversion is one of the best things I could have done to the car - it makes it look so much meaner.

💚 The wheels! I spent months on end searching for the perfect wheels for the Scirocco and when I saw the V-FS42’s I fell in love, they are finished in a very rare graphite smoke grey.

💚 Driving the thing. I've driven many cars over the past couple years and none come close to how fun the Scirocco is to drive (especially with the remap) and it also doubles up as a comfortable daily.



5 things I dislike:
❌ The paintwork. The front bumper was sprayed by a cowboy, it’s covered in chips and stress fractures due to the poor quality finish. The wing and passenger door are a slightly different colour to the rest of the car due to the crash. The whole car could benefit from a re-spray.

❌ It’s not low enough. Even though it’s sat on air ride, there are still a few modifications that need to be carried out to get it on its arse.

❌ The rear-end and the side skirts. They would benefit from a facelift to match the front end - something I will do eventually.

❌ The electrics - I have so many issues with the electrics on this car, but I feel like that’s just a VW thing

❌ The fact it became a Cat N 3 years into ownership. I put so much hard work into getting the car where it was, and a careless driver has made it so my pride and joy is now seriously devalued. But I still love it all the same.. and the only way I’ll get rid of it now is to the scrap man.