How To Get Smooth Like-Glass Paint

How To Get Smooth Like-Glass Paint

A simple wash might get you a 'clean' looking car, but how clean really is your paint? There are several types of decontaminating products, but today we'll look at our new Classiest Clay Fine Detailing Clay Bar. What our clay bar will do is remove those stubborn contaminates that are embedded in your paint. This really is an essential stage of detailing that needs to be completed thoroughly before polishing or applying your wax/protection. Typical contamination comes in the form of tree sap, tar and road grit.
Below, we'll show you the steps to get your paintwork feeling like glass, quickly, safely and effectively. 

Step 1 - Clay Bar Preparation 
Our handy sized clay comes in the form of a 100g bar. What we advise you do is cut 1/3 of the bar using scissors (please be careful!). You can then but back the larger part in the handy resealable bag it comes in and take the smaller piece to use.

Step 2 - Flatten it out
The clay bar is quite tough and rigid, so using your fingers massage it into a flat disc shape. This will give you the most optimal working area for your bar.

Step 3 - Lube up!
It's extremely important to use our Clube Clay Lubricant when using the clay bar. Clube has been formulated specifically to help reduce the risk or marring your paint. This happens when claying without sufficient lubrication to the car panel.
Spray your clay bar when using it for the first time, and then spray the area of the car you'll start working on. 
Step 4 - Rub a dub dub
Move your clay bar back and forth on the lubricated area of your paint, using no pressure. Work on an area approx 30x30cm at a time. Once completed, wipe away the spray residue and move on.
Step 5 - Results
Here's some of the contamination that we removed from just a small area of the car. You'll feel a little resistance on your paint when the bar is picking up the contaminates. When you no longer feel this, it's safe to say you've cleaned the area thoroughly.
Finally, glide the back of your hand on your decontaminated paint and feel how smooth it is. You're now ready to move into the next step. Ideally, we always recommend polishing your car after using a clay bar.