Interior Detail

Interior Detail

So, who loves just getting in their car and driving nowhere!? If this is you, then you're going g to want to make your interior as pleasant a place to sit. After all, we probably sit in our cars more than we stand staring at them.
So check out this guide to get a few tips on how to perform the ultimate interior detail.

Step 1 - Make a plan
Take a look around and remove any rubbish that's been shoved down the side of your seats and in your door pocket. Remove your carpets as this will give better access to vacuum them.

Step 2 - Dust
Take a brush or even a cotton bud and get removing any dust from your air vents. Cotton buds are perfect as they're super soft, and all you to really get in to those hard to reach areas.

Step 3 - Vacuuming Seats
Removing every last bit of debris from your carpets and seats can be really challenging. However, if you use the correct vacuum attachments it should be a doddle. Use the brush attachment as pictured above to vacuum your leather seats. The brushes are soft so won't mark your leather. Really push it into those crevices.

Step 4 - Vacuuming hard to reach areas
Again, using the correct vacuum attachment will make your life a lot easier here. There's always dust and dirt hiding down the side of your seats, so use the long thin attachment here. It's perfect for picking up these bits. You might even be lucky enough to find a couple of quid that you once lost ;-)

Step 5 - The details
The items that get some of the most action are you pedals. Whether the rubber type or metal, you're going to get mud stuck in them. Use a brush to remove this mess and then vacuum up.

Step 6 - Apply your dressing
Once you're happy that your surfaces have been cleaned, an interior dressing like our CocoNuts Interior Dressing is ideal to apply to your dash and trims to bring back that natural satin finish. You'll be amazed at the difference this will make to the overall finish of your interior. Being water-based, it's not oily, so it's really easy to just wipe on and buff off.

Step 7 - The sweet finish
So you've almost finished your interior detail, but it still smells like wet dog or eau d' teenager. A good tip is to keep a small bottle of your chosen air freshener in your glovebox or door card. Our Envy Dark Cherry Air Freshener is the perfect size for this. Simple spray on to your carpets whenever you feel you need a berry hit. It'll eliminate odours and leave behind a long-lasting fragrance.

Take a look at our Interior Kit, which includes both CocoNuts and Envy Air Freshener, as well as a Candy Cloth Microfibre to help you apply CocoNuts and a sweet fragranced hanging air freshener.