Why snow foam is so important...

Why snow foam is so important...

Below we'll be looking to explain the importance of snow foaming your car.
We all strive for the best finish when we detail our cars. Snow foaming your car not only looks cool but also is probably one of the most important stages of detailing that is often overlooked. If you're yet to polish your car to bring it back to its former glory, you've probably noticed a lot of swirl marks (very fine circular scratches) in your paintwork. Once you've spend hours and hours polishing your car, you really want to minimise them coming back when you next wash your car. Here's the reason snow foam'ing is so important. Applying a nice thick layer of foam through your pressure washer helps remove any dirt and grime off your car before you touch it with your wash mitt. In theory, the less you touch your car when washing it, the less chance you have of this nasty swirls coming back.
See our recommended Snow Foam procedure below to help you maintain your perfect polished paintwork.

Step 1 - Filling your lance bottle
Snow foam is applied using a pressure washer and lance. Alaska Bubblegum Snowfoam has a highly concentrated formula, so it really is cost effective. All you need is approx 1cm in the bottom of your lance bottle, then just top it up with water. Hot or cold water is fine.

Step 2 - Let it snow!
Once you attach your lance bottle to your pressure washer, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! Sorry, got a little carried away singing to myself then. Apply your snow foam in straight lines from top to bottom. You can adjust the spray pattern and concentration on most foam lances. You want a nice thick foam mixture. This will help cling to any dirt and grime that's on your car. Leave it for around 5 minutes (depending on weather conditions) and you'll be able to see the foam dripping off your car taking the dirt with it.

Step 3 - Blast off!
Right, now let's blast it all off. Using your pressure washer make sure you blast off all the foam and dirt from your car. You've just safely completed the first stage of detailing your car! The snow foam will have removed any of the grime to allow you to move onto the next step of applying Very Berry Gloss Shampoo.

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Comes in a handy 100ml sample bottle, 500ml and a large 1L bottle for the frequent snow foam user.