Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish & Pad

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Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish & Pad

  • Conceal swirl marks easily by hand.
  • Also suitable for machine polishing.
  • Creates a high gloss, swirl free finish.
  • Perfect results regardless of experience.
  • The perfect pad that works in harmony with Vanity.
  • Helps achieve stunning results.
  • Finger access for total control polishing.


Vanity is an advanced, swirl concealer polish, containing sophisticated polymers and ultra-fine abrasives to reduce and fill in fine swirls in your paintwork. It’s packed with gloss enhancing agents to create a superior, high gloss to any car. It’s perfect for hand or machine application to reduce the visibility of swirl marks, leaving a glossy, wet-look finish.


Our microfibre hand polish pad is the perfect choice for applying our Vanity Swirl Concealing Polish. We searched high and low for the best pad that works in harmony with Vanity to allow you to achieve stunning swirl free results with ease. Allows for finger insertion to allow for maximum control when polishing. Dimensions 130mm x 130mm.


Don't forget to check out our Golden Delicious Liquid Wax to protect your paintwork after you've spent the time concealing swirls with Vanity. Our premium carnauba creme will seal and protect protect finish whilst also adding a deep wet-look gloss.