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The Holy Trinity of Splash Detailing products. Our NEW best-selling product Vanity Swirl Concealer, paired with our Very Berry Gloss Shampoo and Golden Delicious Liquid Wax.

Wash your paintwork with our shampoo, which will also be perfect for maintaining and adding gloss to the finish you'll create with our Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish. Vanity will easily minimise and conceal swirl marks in your paint, whilst Golden Delicious will protect the finish and add a deep wet-look gloss. These 3 must-haves are the ideal trio to create that showroom finish we're all looking for.


Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish

  • Conceal swirl marks easily by hand.
  • Also suitable for machine polishing.
  • Creates a high gloss, swirl free finish.
  • Perfect results regardless of experience.


Golden Delicious Liquid Wax

  • Creates a flawless finish on polished paintwork.
  • Dripping wet-look finish.
  • Outstanding clarity and shine.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Easy on, easy off.


Very Berry Gloss Shampoo

  • High concentration - A little goes a long way.
  • Leaves a slick, glossy finish if you don't have time to wax.
  • Safe on existing wax protection.
  • Use on vinyl wrapped cars too.




Vanity is an advanced, swirl concealer polish, containing sophisticated polymers and ultra-fine abrasives to reduce and fill in fine swirls in your paintwork. It’s packed with gloss enhancing agents to create a superior, high gloss to any car. It’s perfect for hand or machine application to reduce the visibility of swirl marks, leaving a glossy, wet-look finish.


Golden Delicious is a premium quality creme containing specially graded organic carnauba waxes that will create a flawless finish on polished paintwork. Outstanding clarity and shine with long lasting protection.


Highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any existing wax protection. Very Berry isn't a high-foaming shampoo, but instead contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnauba wax for that 'just-waxed' look. Safe for vinyl wrapped cars.