Polish & Protect Duo

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Our Polish & Protect Kit consists of our NEW best-selling product Vanity Swirl Concealer, Golden Delicious Liquid Wax, Polishing Pad & Wax Applicator.

Vanity will easily minimise and conceal swirl marks in your paint, whilst Golden Delicious will protect the finish and add a deep wet-look gloss. These 2 must-haves are the ideal duo to create a stunning swirl-free finish that's protected for months.


Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish

  • Conceal swirl marks easily by hand.
  • Also suitable for machine polishing.
  • Creates a high gloss, swirl free finish.
  • Perfect results regardless of experience.


Golden Delicious Liquid Wax

  • Creates a flawless finish on polished paintwork.
  • Dripping wet-look finish.
  • Outstanding clarity and shine.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Easy on, easy off.




Vanity is an advanced, swirl concealer polish, containing sophisticated polymers and ultra-fine abrasives to reduce and fill in fine swirls in your paintwork. It’s packed with gloss enhancing agents to create a superior, high gloss to any car. It’s perfect for hand or machine application to reduce the visibility of swirl marks, leaving a glossy, wet-look finish.


Golden Delicious is a premium quality creme containing specially graded organic carnauba waxes that will create a flawless finish on polished paintwork. Outstanding clarity and shine with long lasting protection.