Lasticho Tyre & Trim Dressing & Applicator

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The Awesome Benefits

  • 1 product to use on both tyres and exterior trims.
  • Leave a better-than-new, high gloss shine.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Water-repellent finish for that show car look.
  • Superior design applicator.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Soft foam for variety of materials.
  • Protective case to cleanly store away.


Lasticho is the ultimate product to leave a better-than-new, high gloss shine to your tyres and exterior trims. The gentle solvent formula leaves a durable, long lasting, water-repellent finish for that show car look.

The Splash Detailing Tyre and Trim Applicator is the clean and easy way to apply Lasticho Tyre & Trim Dressing to your trims or tyres.

Our superior design features an easy-grip plastic handle to keep your hands clean. It also fits neatly back into the protective case to keep it clean from potential contaminates, whilst keeping your kit bag/shelving clean.

The soft foam is ideal for going over a manufacturer tyre markings, whilst also being perfect to use on a variety of different exterior trims shapes (curved bumpers, door mirror trims etc). 


Foam size: 100mm x 40mm.

X1 Applicator. Image to show branded case and foam.



1. Ensure tyre wall or exterior trims are clean and dry.

2. Add product to applicator sponge & apply.

3. Wipe away any excess to prevent product slinging onto paintwork.

4. Allow to dry for a gloss finish or buff for a more subtle finish.