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The Awesome Benefits

  • 100g fine detailing clay bar and 500ml lubricant
  • Makes claying your car easier and safer.
  • Super-slippy formula.
  • Greatly reduces marring/marking your paint with clay.
  • Removes contaminates from paintwork safely.


There's no ducking and diving for stubborn impurities after a round with Classiest Clay Bar. You'll have heavyweights such as tar, bugs and tree sap nasties knocked out in no time. Clube has been designed to make clay barring your paintwork much easier and safer over using only water as lubrication. Its super-slippy formulation allows our Classiest Clay Detailing Clay Bar to do its thing and slide across the surface of your paintwork with ease. It greatly reduces the chance of marring or marking your paint.


Wash your car and then leave wet. Cut clay bar into 3 pieces. Take one piece and fold flat in to a disc shape. Use Clube Clay Lubricant to spray onto paintwork, before moving clay back and forth over your paint. Once the clay has lifted contaminants, fold it over and use on another part of your car. Discard if dropped. Spray more Clube to areas not lubricated, before moving clay bar. Use a microfibre towel to wipe away Clube residue before progressing to another panel. Do not use on hot panels.

Don't just take our word for it

Top Quality Products! 👌

Top Quality Products!! I started using Splash products a few months back starting with a mini kit to see what I thought & I was super impressed! The delivery was speedy, the packaging was spot on & a personal added notes inside topped it off for me! Product goes a long way & smells great too! Highly recommend 👌

Hollie, Trustpilot

You have tried the rest now try the best.

I cannot commend this company any higher, they are a small company however their customer service and professionalism puts the biggest company's to shame.
i have been detailing my cars for over 30 years and have tried all products and have to say these are the best and at a fair price.

Raymond, Trustpilot

Very good quality products

Very good quality products, for everything your pride and joy needs. From exterior to interior. I love the colorful bottles which are so easy to identify. Quick fast safe delivery. Will definitely be purchasing more products.

Zafar, Trustpilot