Show Stopper: Ultralust

Show Stopper: Ultralust

Do you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

With show season finally upon us, let us talk to you about the one product every serious detailer should have in their kit bag.

Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray. 


Ultralust is a hybrid SiO2 quick detailer with gloss enhancers. It's perfect for when you arrive at a car show and need to tidy up your car after what has probably been a very long journey on the motorway.


Added wetting agents and polymers in this special formula boost your paintwork to a glossy surface. We're not talking average here either. The gloss levels are going to look insane, making your paint pop in the sunlight.


It doesn't end there though. Nano-Plating polymers create a protective barrier on your paintwork for several months too. So you'll not only be boosting the gloss levels, but protecting your paint too.


Check out Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray here