Ultimate Splash Kit v2

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The Awesome Benefits

  • Detail from start to finish with our Ultimate Splash Kit.
  • Take care of your car with 14 products from our range.
  • Includes Candy Cloth Microfibre, polishing pad, tyre & trim dressing applicator and sweet Air Freshener.


Vanity Swirl Concealer Polish & Pad

  • Conceal swirl marks easily by hand.
  • Also suitable for machine polishing.
  • Creates a high gloss, swirl free finish.
  • Perfect results regardless of experience.
  • The perfect pad that works in harmony with Vanity.
  • Helps achieve stunning results.
  • Finger access for total control polishing.


Irony Iron Fallout Remover

  • Safely dissolves iron contamination.
  • Safe to use on most exterior surfaces, including wheels.
  • Chemical reaction occurs, changing colour to let you know it's working.


Lasticho Tyre & Trim Dressing

  • 1 product to use on both tyres and exterior trims.
  • Leave a better-than-new, high gloss shine.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Water-repellent finish for that show car look.


Tyre & Trim Dressing Applicator

  • Superior design applicator.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Soft foam for variety of materials.
  • Protective case to cleanly store away.

Alaska Bubblegum Snow Foam

  • PH neutral.
  • High concentrate - a little goes a long way.
  • Helps safely wash to avoid creating swirl marks.
  • Loosens dirt and road grime.
  • Bubblegum scented.


Very Berry Gloss Shampoo

  • High concentration - A little goes a long way.
  • Leaves a slick, glossy finish if you don't have time to wax.
  • Safe on existing wax protection.
  • Use on vinyl wrapped cars too.


Zest Citrus Degreaser

  • Quickly removes flies, traffic film and dirt.
  • Gentle, yet effective formula won't remove your wax protection.
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces.


Ocean Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner

  • Non-acidic formula.
  • Removes brake dust and soiling in one application.
  • Safe for regular use on all factory finished laquered finishes.


Ceramicoat Hybrid Spray Sealant

  • Ultimate hybrid sealant with unbelievable water beading.
  • Safe to use on all exterior surfaces.
  • Can be used wet or dry to add stunning gloss and protection for up to 4 months.
  • Speed up your detailing with spray on and wash off protection.


CocoNuts Interior Dressing

  • NEW & IMPROVED formula.
  • Enhances dashboards and interior trims.
  • Leaves a subtle coconut fragrance.
  • Water based formula.
  • Easy spray on and wipe.


Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray

  • Quick application - Spray on, wipe in and buff off.
  • Gloss enhancers give unrivalled gloss finish.
  • Protects for several months.


Envy Car Air Freshener - 250ml

  • Gives your interior a sweet dark cherry lift.
  • We've bottled up the scent of your favourite carnauba wax - Envy.
  • Long lasting.
  • Eliminates odours keeping your interior smelling fresh and clean.
  • Bottles fit perfectly in your door pockets or glove box.



    Don't just take our word for it

    Top Quality Products! 👌

    Top Quality Products!! I started using Splash products a few months back starting with a mini kit to see what I thought & I was super impressed! The delivery was speedy, the packaging was spot on & a personal added notes inside topped it off for me! Product goes a long way & smells great too! Highly recommend 👌

    Hollie, Trustpilot

    You have tried the rest now try the best.

    I cannot commend this company any higher, they are a small company however their customer service and professionalism puts the biggest company's to shame.
    i have been detailing my cars for over 30 years and have tried all products and have to say these are the best and at a fair price.

    Raymond, Trustpilot

    Very good quality products

    Very good quality products, for everything your pride and joy needs. From exterior to interior. I love the colorful bottles which are so easy to identify. Quick fast safe delivery. Will definitely be purchasing more products.

    Zafar, Trustpilot