Lazy Detailer Kit

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The Awesome Benefits

  • The perfect kit if you're short on time.
  • 4 'must-haves' to create a stunning glossy finish.
  • Includes our plush Candy Cloth Microfibre Towel and sweet Air Freshener (design may vary).


Ego All-In-One Protective Polish

  • Clean, cut and protect your paintwork.
  • Gives you  an outstanding, high gloss results in one hit.
  • Up to 2 months protection.
  • Perfect results regardless of experience.


Very Berry Gloss Shampoo

  • High concentration - A little goes a long way.
  • Leaves a slick, glossy finish if you don't have time to wax.
  • Safe on existing wax protection.
  • Use on vinyl wrapped cars too.


Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray

  • Quick application - Spray on, wipe in and buff off.
  • Gloss enhancers give unrivalled gloss finish.
  • Protects for several months.



Don't have time but want to make an impression? These 4 products will get you there with minimal elbow grease.

Ego is the perfect all-in-one polish to clean, cut, and protect your paintwork. Formulated using the latest polishing abrasive technology, synthetic polymers and finest Brazilian carnauba wax, it’ll give you outstanding, high gloss results in one hit. Plus, 2 months protection. It’s easy on and easy off, whilst also low dusting, so perfect for beginners or pros. The fast-diminishing abrasives smooth the paint surface with little pressure required, making it perfect to use by hand or machine.

Highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any existing wax protection. Very Berry isn't a high-foaming shampoo, but instead contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnauba wax for that 'just-waxed' look. Safe for vinyl wrapped cars.

Hybrid SiO2 quick detailer with gloss enhancers. Nano-Plating polymers create a protective barrier for several months. Added wetting agents and polymers boost to a glossy surface.

Our super soft and delicate microfibre cloth (300gsm) will make buffing and finishing sweet like candy. The ultra fine fibres will give your detailing a professional edge. Absorbent and easy to clean, Candy Cloth can be washed over and over.
We beg you, never return a Candy Cloth that's dirty or accidentally dropped to your precious paintwork.

Don't just take our word for it

Top Quality Products! 👌

Top Quality Products!! I started using Splash products a few months back starting with a mini kit to see what I thought & I was super impressed! The delivery was speedy, the packaging was spot on & a personal added notes inside topped it off for me! Product goes a long way & smells great too! Highly recommend 👌

Hollie, Trustpilot

You have tried the rest now try the best.

I cannot commend this company any higher, they are a small company however their customer service and professionalism puts the biggest company's to shame.
i have been detailing my cars for over 30 years and have tried all products and have to say these are the best and at a fair price.

Raymond, Trustpilot

Very good quality products

Very good quality products, for everything your pride and joy needs. From exterior to interior. I love the colorful bottles which are so easy to identify. Quick fast safe delivery. Will definitely be purchasing more products.

Zafar, Trustpilot