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CocoNuts Interior Dressing - 500ml

  • NEW & IMPROVED formula.
  • Enhances dashboards and interior trims.
  • Amazing coconut fragrance as you apply.
  • Water based formula.
  • Easy spray on and wipe.


Candy Cloth Microfibre

  • Super soft
  • Versatile multi-task microfibre
  • Perfect for buffing and finishing


Your car interior will go nuts for this specially formulated silky coconut liquid. Enhance the appearance of dashboards, plastics, fascias and wooden trims.

Our super soft and delicate microfibre cloth (300gsm) will make buffing and finishing sweet like candy. The ultra fine fibres will give your detailing a professional edge. Absorbent and easy to clean, Candy Cloth can be washed over and over. We beg you, never return a Candy Cloth that's dirty or accidentally dropped to your precious paintwork.

The Splash Detailing air fresheners have the most amazing, long-lasting Orange Soda or Grape scents. Bringing a splash of colour to your car interior and leaving a lovely welcoming aroma. Fragrance chosen at random.


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