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What to expect 

✅ A super cleansed car that will look amazing from every angle.

✅ A professionally cleaned interior making it feel like you're in a brand new car again.

This package takes 2-4 hours depending on vehicle size. Price listed is for a small/medium vehicle (size of Fiesta, Audi A1, A3, A4 etc.) See price add-on below for large and XL vehicles).



  • Wheels and tyres thoroughly cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner and specialist wheel-safe brushes.
  • Using a safe, two-bucket wash system, with grit guards to wash, avoiding creating swirl marks in the paint.
  • Wheel arches, door sills and petrol cap housing deep cleaned.
  • Spray Sealant added to paint and all exterior surfaces, giving up to 4 months protection.
  • Vehicle dried, including door shuts, using luxury microfibre towel.
  • Exterior glass is deep cleaned, preparing for coating.
  • Tyres and suitable exterior trim are dressed and protected.



  • Floor mats removed, scrubbed and vacuumed.
  • Interior vacuumed including under seats and boot*.
  • Protective dressing wipe down of panels, dash and console. Protects surfaces from UV rays.
  • Interior glass cleaned.
  • Second hoover where required.
  • Spritz of our signature air freshener to finish your interior.


Large Car (Audi A6, Audi R8 etc.) Add £20
XL Car (Audi Q3, Audi Q7 etc.) Add £40

*Please note; additional cost per hour for pet hair removal. Please contact to discuss.

Please remember to read our terms & conditions before booking.

Detailing in the West Midlands

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