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If you're based in the West Midlands and want to book your detail, email info@splashdetailing.co.uk or call/text 07XXX XXXXXX

What to expect 

✅ A well cleaned car that will look amazing from every angle.

✅ A thoroughly cleaned interior that will feel like you're in a brand new car again.

This package takes 4-6 hours depending on vehicle size.



  • As per 'Deep Clean' but with additions.
  • Vehicle polished to enhance the colour of the paint and conceal and swirl marks.
  • Wheels removed and insides deep cleaned, removing stains and caked on brake dust.
  • Embedded contaminates removed from paintwork with a fine/medium grade clay bar.
  • Engine bay removal of leaves and dirt.
  • Engine bay washed and plastic trim treated and protected to leave a long lasting 'as new' finish.
  • Premium carnauba wax used to protect the finish and leave a wet-look gloss to your paint. 12 months protection.



  • As per 'Deep Clean' but with additions.
  • Spare wheel/boot area vacuum.
  • Leather deep cleaned and protected. 

    Please remember to read our terms & conditions before booking.

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