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What to expect 

✅ Depending on the level of correction you select, you're guaranteed to be left with a car rid of 60%-90% swirl marks. Our years of experience allows us to select the best polish and machine pad combos to make your paintwork shine, exceeding your expectations.

✅ If you opt for our stage 3 package, your vehicle will be treated to being polished twice. Once to correct the paint and the next to ensure the gloss and clarity levels are their highest.

✅ A ceramic coating is applied, which is the highest form of protection. 12 months protection.

This package takes 8-10 hours depending on vehicle size.



  • 'Entry Detail' (excluding any interior work) plus...
  • Vehicle clay barred to remove embedded contamination (tree sap, industrial fallout) to leave a smooth like-glass finish.
  • Vehicle taped up where required to ensure polish residue won't tarnish trims, badges etc.)
  • Alloys and tyres thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner.
  • Colour-changing brake dust remover applied and specialist wheel-safe brushes used.
  • Citrus pre-wash is applied, followed by a rinse to ensure a safe contact wash.
  • PH neutral snow foam is then applied to the vehicle to remove any further grime.
  • Full liquid decontamination of vehicle, using colour-changing fallout remover and tar and glue remover.
  • Ceramic coating is applied, giving 12 months protection.

  • Select your level of correction;
  • Stage 1:
    Removes light swirl marks and increases the depth of the colour of your paint.
  • Stage 2:
    Removes medium swirl marks, increases the depth of the colour of your paint and removes hologram marks which are commonly caused by contaminated wash materials and poor wash techniques.
  • Stage 3:
    This is our most advanced correction stage. The car is polished twice. Once with a medium/heavy specialist polish to remove medium swirls marks and medium/light scratches. It's then polished a second time with a finer finish polish to increase the depth and clarity of the paint to leave a mirror-like finish.

    Please remember to read our terms & conditions before booking.

    Detailing in the West Midlands

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