Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray

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The Awesome Benefits

  • Quick application - Spray on, wipe in and buff off.
  • Gloss enhancers give unrivalled gloss finish.
  • Protects for several months.


If you're looking for an insane glossy finish for your paintwork, then look no further. Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray is our best seller* for a reason! This SiO2 quick detailer is packed with gloss enhancers and wetting agents, to boost the gloss in your paint. Nano-plating polymers in the formula create a protective hydrophobic barrier for several months. It's an absolute winner. You won't be disappointed.


1. Shake bottle well and lightly mist on to the vehicle surface. Mist once onto your Candy Cloth too, for the first application. Do not over apply as may cause smearing.

2. Gently wipe in straight lines with a Candy Cloth microfibre towel.

3. Turn over to a clean side of your cloth, or use a fresh microfibre cloth to buff off, revealing a deep gloss shine.

Splash Tip: Use in-between waxes to boost protection and shine.


*Best seller when we attend car shows.